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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been "in the business" as a pet sitter and dog walker?
Since April, 2007.

What type of animals do you care for?
Primarily cats and dogs, but we've been known to take on hamsters, goldfish and birds as well!

Are you bonded, insured and licensed?
We are bonded and insured. As of 2018, there is no formal licensing for pet sitters.

Do you make exceptions and cover zipcodes outside your set service areas?
Occasionally, but there will be an extra charge per visit.

Do you offer boarding?

Do you offer overnights?
Sorry, we're no longer taking new overnight clients.

Do you walk dogs from more than one household  at the same time?
Typically no. I will make an exception if I've been given permission by the owner(s), if the dogs already know each other, or if I know the dogs well enough to know that they will get along.

What got Creature Comforts started?
A love of animals! Melissa founded Creature Comforts in April of 2007, and she's enjoyed every minute of it. She's owned pets all her life--dogs, cats, hamsters, even a rooster!

She currently lives with three crazy dogs--a maltese-mix, a yorkie (street dog turned couch potato), and a lab-mix adopted from the SPCA.

Do you bring your own dog with you during visits?
My dog sometimes tags along on dog park visits--otherwise no.

Do you ever keep a client's key on file? Is there an extra charge?
Yes, I keep keys on file. No extra charge.

How much advance notice do you need?
Initial visits are the most important, because we need to make sure that everyone is happy with the match.

At least a week before your scheduled trip is preferrable. Once we've established a relationship, a few days notice is usually enough. Exceptions are to be expected during the holidays.

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